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Would you like to grab the attention of your website visitor within the first 7 seconds before they get distracted?

Of course, you will. Then you need to build your website conversion focused. Thinking about what is a conversion website and why is it different from a standard website? A conversion website is specifically is designed to do simply that: grab the attention and convert visitors into new clients.
If you want a website that will power your business in 2020, it should be compelling, beautiful, and it needs to set you apart. It should showcase why you are different, your client-centric mission, and how you can positively impact the lives of your customers. And most importantly it should be mobile-friendly. So it will prevent your visitors from clicking off your site without taking action, unlikely to return.

Your website is the backbone of your business that supporting all of your digital marketing efforts. So it should be your most effective tool when it comes to lead and customer acquisition, in fact, it should be considered like a sales person working 24 hours a day, encouraging visitors to stop, take notice, and take action.
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So you’re interested in getting a website (re)designed for your business?

We follow a 4-step process to help business owners achieve success quicker with a website built for lead generation and conversions.

Step 1:

The focus is on your customer’s needs and wants, not about YOU, what YOU stand for and how YOU work – what’s in it for them?
For a constant stream of leads for your business, it’s important the focus of your digital media is placed on the journey of your target audience, their current situation and where they want to be, not talking about you or your services.

Step 2:

The need for an irresistible and seductive offer to entice your online audience to engage, commit and buy
To turn your web traffic into leads, you need to offer your visitors something compelling which allows your customer to exchange name and email for. Then you can start the relationship-building process to turn visitors into customer.

Step 3:

Sync your website with a CRM system, so that you are constantly building a customer list for future marketing
Once you have your digital media up and running which contains an irresistible offer, it’s time to start driving traffic. We help you plan a traffic strategy using the various channels available to ensure you are not just sitting and waiting for traffic!

Step 4:

Start creating and delivering relevant content which is tailored towards your target audience’s pain points
Once you have your digital media up and running which contains an irresistible offer, it’s time to start driving traffic. We help you plan a traffic strategy using the various channels available to ensure you are not just sitting and waiting for traffic!


How long will it take to get my new website up and running?
Short answer: It really depends. Some clients just need a quick landing page refresh, which can be finished in less than a week. Some clients need an entirely new website, complete with a new marketing automation system on the backend. This can take several months, with reviews and iterations and testing along the way. Your dedicated project manager will assess your goals and needs, and set expectations about how long it will take to deliver on your requests.
What if I don't have any developers or marketing staff on my team?

Biztopper is an all-in-one marketing agency. We can help with every aspect of your marketing goals, from planning, to web design and development, to advertising, to automation. We can work with you at any stage of your marketing journey– whether you’ve established your business in the market with a strong brand, or whether you’re just getting around to this marketing thing. Our clients come from all phases of the marketing journey. We start where you are, and help you get where you need to be.

Why would I work with a website design agency instead of just hiring freelancers?

The difference between working with a website design agency like Biztopper and working with freelancers is a lot like the difference between being a CEO and being a project manager. An agency (if it’s a full-service marketing agency like Biztopper) puts you in the role of the CEO. You set the direction, and we do the heavy lifting for you. We will assess your needs, advise you of what’s possible, outline plans and options to accomplish your goals, see the design and development through to completion, and follow up frequently to make sure everything is performing at optimum levels. You get to play the role of the savvy CEO who invests in a smart solution and reaps a satisfying ROI.

On the other hand, hiring freelancers is more akin to acting as a scrappy, hard-working project manager. You evaluate the needs, do all the research, and decide what needs to be done all by yourself. Then you search for one or two freelancers, hire them, and manage all progress, communications, and problems while they try to get it done. In short, it’s a full-time job for you.

But hiring freelancers can be a great solution under the right circumstances. You might want to go with the freelancer option if…
1. You know exactly what your website needs to be. You’ve established where it fits in your overall marketing plan, and have outlined all the necessary functionality, and understand what the design, copy, and technical needs will be.
2. You have time to communicate with and manage freelancers. You’re comfortable giving kind, candid feedback and setting clear expectations.
3. You have the marketing know-how to ensure all site functionality, data collection, and automation is performing correctly after delivery.

Go with an agency if…
1. You want expert guidance and help with your overall marketing goals and plans.
2. You don’t yet have a clear understanding of the frontend design and backend functionality your website needs.
3. You need to move quickly, or have a great deal of site content to create.
4. You don’t have time to manage freelance developers, designers, or copy writers in your day-to-day work. Or you aren’t sure how to establish reasonable deadlines and quality standards for these types of workers.
5. You’re not prepared to continuously evaluate and improve the SEO and conversion performance of your website on your own.

Hiring freelancers is probably cheaper in the beginning, but ultimately the time and frustration it will cost will eat those savings for lunch. Worst of all, in many cases you won’t get the website you were hoping for. Working with Biztopper – a reputable, Atlanta-based website design agency – is the most efficient way to get results.

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