The other day I was talking with my colleague about my anxiety problem. She shared how neurofeedback brain training helps her to overcome anxiety without medication. By hearing her amazing transformation, I summoned an interest in neurofeedback.

When I searched for “neurofeedback brain training in waterloo” on Google, I found Open Mind Wellness Centre.

Amazingly, they dominated the top search results. The first result was their website and on the right side was their Google My Business listing with a 4.9-star customer review.

Deciding I wanted to know more about them, I searched Open Mind Wellness Centre on Google and found their social media pages, website, local business listing, and reviews.

They were impossible to ignore online. Ultimately, I ended up making an appointment with them.

Like me, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses before making any decision or a purchase.

This is why a strong online presence is very important for your business. It allows people to find you, interact with you, and get to know, like, and trust you before making their decision.

How to build a strong online presence?

Building a strong online presence is a step-by-step process. Keep reading to know more:

Online Presence 1

Strategy: What are your goals, and how will you track your progress?

Ask yourself your motive for building a digital presence. Is it for personal branding? Or is it for making sales? You need to have a crystal-clear idea about what you plan to achieve. This will help you identify the touchpoints you should work towards mastering – Social Media Management, Content Creation, Creating Sales Funnels, etc. For example, – All your actions in the digital world would be focused on achieving either of the above objectives.

You also need to have a clear idea of how well the strategy is working. Firstly, you should set Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The elements under this term are used to track and judge your digital performance. Secondly, as your KPIs will be in sync with your goals, you need to analyze results after 2 or 3 months. This will help you figure out the weak spots that you need to pay more attention at.

Build a solid platform (Website)

Your website will be the hub of your online presence. Each marketing tactic you will invest in will eventually lead a prospective client to your website. The more relevant, appealing, and solid your website, the higher probability of achieving your goals.

The website must be designed to provide value to your visitors. Each time they make an effort to click or scroll, they must be rewarded with valuable information. Everything from the user experience, website speed, website design, website diversity, to even your brand story must be clearly indicated to the viewer.

One can get complete control over their marketing tactics and can execute a content plan as per well-made content calendars. Remember, a website builds credibility and helps you gain some respect in the eyes of a client.

All information related to products and/or services and also contact details must be mentioned clearly. You must include a page that demonstrates testimonials by clients and a page that is your main portfolio. No better way to give your work examples than on your website itself. You can also create a discussion forum where people drop their opinions based on your content or topic of focus. This allows you to create a sense of togetherness for visitors to your website.

Most importantly, you need to continually update your website with the latest developments, offers, projects, and changes in your business. The visitors must have something new to consume each time they visit your website. If they have something to learn or benefit from you, it is fair to expect a benefit of some kind in return.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the tool and skill that will help your website appear at higher rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Make sure your website has undergone SEO by an agency or individual who is skilled at the art. It basically means making your website and content relevant for search engines. As the more relevant your content seems, the higher it will rank.

This is done by researching keywords that are used frequently by surfers of the world wide web. Strategically placing these keywords in different areas and varied densities on your website will increase your rankings. Alt texts, captions, headings, sub-headings, titles, meta descriptions, and URLs are some areas where keywords have to be placed.

There is on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Even interlinking, backlinking, and optimization of several aspects of your website come under the SEO umbrella.

If you plan to do SEO by yourself, you must first determine your target audience’s search intent. This will help you prioritize and branch different parameters to inculcate on your website although the catch in doing it alone is in keeping up with Google’s constantly changing algorithms. Google never gives clear ideas as to what metrics do they study before deciding your ranking. All Google does is leaves subtle hints and you have to trace the route from there.

SEO can do wonders for businesses. If your SEO has been done with precision and modified as per the current algorithm, you can expect a 6X to 10X boost in leads, sales, and engagement.

Review Management (Reputation Management)

Maintaining a brand image comes with great hard work and research. Once you have a reputed and widespread brand presence, even a single bad review or symptom of unprofessionalism can tarnish the brand image you worked so hard on.

Thus, it is important to have a great system that responds to and reacts to feedback, thusmaintaining a reliable brand image. Also, trace the internet for scammers who may be impersonating your business or your profile. News spreads easily on the internet these days. It doesn’t take too long for lousy word to spread, even if it is untrue.

Dedicate some time and resources to interact and engage with customers. Solve their queries and keep them updated on your work. If you have a large-scale online business, then hire a small team that specializes in reputation management.

Be social and engaging

Don’t be the monotonous and boring person who attempts to engage with visitors but fails to maintain their level of interest. Be a social and happening digital bot, create excitement and value with everything you post. Encourage discussions, opinions, and also be acceptable to what people have to say.

When your users experience comfort plus profit even a little out of an interaction with you or your website, it must be considered as a brownie point. The perks of actively coming up with cool new offers, ideas, opportunities, and collaborations will create a buzz around your brand name. The more intense the buzz, the more traffic diverted your way.

Build relationships with your clients who frequently interact. Share their reviews and opinions amongst your other community members. Once they get in touch and interact, they, too, will give your brand a shot-out.

Provide consistent, valuable content

Consistency is key – it is, in fact, considered a thumb rule for building a noteworthy digital presence. We live in a fast-paced world, materialistically and virtually. People have a lot of content options to consume and this has made them quick judgers. If you vanish from their email list or social media feeds, they will forget about you and move on to competitors who are consistent in providing the content.

Although this consistency has to be accompanied by quality. But what is quality decided by?

The value that you give your visitors. If you provide consistent valuable content to your visitors, then they will always come back for more. In fact, they become second-hand marketing tools to increase your organic traffic. For example, if a digital marketing agency gives out subtle tips each day on how to succeed in the digital world, then it directly provides value to a user.

This entire process will positively influence your online presence.

Analyze customer behavior

Gather data related to customer responses, likes, shares, follows comments, etc. The areas where the statistics are better will indicate what is working and is effective.

Try and identify what your customers want the most. Put out surveys and ad campaigns that you can study via Google Analytics. If you figure out what attracts your customers the most, you can invest more resources in those areas and gain assured profits.

Are you planning to create a sales funnel that lures your clients to your final product? If yes, then try different strategies initially. Each strategy must be put into action with an intention to see how your visitors respond and where do they manage to reach in your sales funnel.

Consider doing this with your daily dose of content. This way, you keep up with consistency and also get your hands on data that can be transformed into more digital tactics.

Always keep optimizing and improving

You can never lift the foot off the pedal in matters related to your online presence. There is always a better way to achieve your goals. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Blogging, Vlogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to use all these platforms for a greater reach.

Obviously, the workload will be more. But if you have a team and the resources, then why not upgrade your digital footprint? Just as SEO strategies are ever-evolving, several new digital marketing strategies are formulated and implemented often. You never know which one is apt for your business. But if you are regularly tweaking some parameters and methods you rely on, you will eventually stumble on a gold mine.

Be patient

Above all, no one can achieve results within a month or two. Building an online presence is a process and has several moving factors. For example – however good your SEO is, it still takes 2 to 4 months to notice a consistently high SERP ranking. Investing more and choosing to alter your strategy too soon may not be wise as you never gave it enough time to come into full effect.

The more you research, modify, tweak, engage, and release content, the more active your online presence becomes. Once the buzz has been developed, you will be flooded with opportunities.

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