In the 21st century, due to technological advancement, social media platforms are playing a significant role in many aspects of our life. Almost every person who has a smartphone and internet connection uses social media sites.

There are several social media platforms through which you can connect to others and share your information. Almost 4.48 billion people are connected to social media. Every day the number is increasing rapidly.

Smartphone technology has enhanced the number of social media users. 99% of people use social media platforms via smartphone. 90% of uses are young and their age is between 18 to 34.

Top Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Tiktok, Wechat, Likee, Bigo, LinkedIn are the most famous platforms. Among those, Facebook has the highest number of registers around the world. But to frequently share content, ideas, thoughts, or information Twitter is the best.

YouTube, Telegram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Viber, Microsoft Team are also popular social media platforms with some specific services and content. Most of these platforms are lead by the United States or China. .

Most Social Media Users

A large number of social media users are from China. It has been forecasted that in 2025 there will be more than 1 billion social media users in China. The United States is in the 3rd position and the United Kingdom is in the 15th according to Statista.

It has been estimated that by 2026, the number of social media users will reach 323 million in the United States.  The target audience of these social media sites are mostly youth. They used these user-generated content sites uncountable times per day.

Most social media users use multiple social media platforms. Now people are using social media for many purposes. It has both positive and negative impacts.

Your use will completely depend on your purpose.

Let us discuss some of the most popular social media platforms.


Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most
Social Network Should You Share Content Frequently

Facebook was launched in 2004. It’s said to be the leader of all social media networks. Facebook offers another service called messenger, which is also very popular. You can communicate with others via writing text or audio or video call with this app.

Facebook has roughly 2.85 billion monthly active users as of 2021. The company owns two more giant social media platforms- Instagram and Whatsapp.

It’s currently one of the biggest platforms in this business. Facebook, is now being used massively for business purposes. Many people are using Facebook as an income source. Because of globalization, you can purchase products from any corner of the world through these applications. It has changed the concept of social media strategies. 

Facebook has encouraged many small and medium businesses to grow. Many renowned and experienced people are providing much important information about health, beauty, cooking, education, government information, and so on. If you want to start a new business, then this platform can help you reach many people.


Roughly 1 billion people use Instagram. This number is steadily growing every month. It’s changing the way of social media marketing.

More than male, female user number is high in this platform. Instagram is also being used for the same purpose as Facebook.


Right after Facebook, Youtube has the second-highest users around the world. It has 2.3 Billion active users. People who are taking Google services (Chrome, G-mail, Play stores, Drive) are also registered to use it.

YouTube is not only the world’s leading video-sharing platform but it’s also the second-largest search engine after google. Not to mention, YouTube is also owned by google!

If you love to make or watch good videos on different topics, then it is the best platform for you to use. It is a great source of learning. You can easily get so much information using it. It’s also a great source of entertainment.


Business professionals use Linkedin to connect with various job seekers. If you are seeking a job online then you can share your CV with other people who need employees. If you need employees for your organization then you can job post with the requirement of the responsibility.


Twitter is another very popular social media platform to shares information frequently. It’s a USA-based technology and social networking site company. It was founded on 15 July 2006.

Users post or sharing messages are known as tweets. The tweet character count is 280 characters which were increased from 140 characters. The total number of Twitter users is 206 million as of 2021. Both their users and annual revenue are lower than Facebook. But according to many users, Twitter is better than Facebook. The number of fake accounts on Facebook is higher than on Twitter.

On Twitter, news spread like wildfire than other social platforms. You can grab the attention of a large number of communities. Here people can directly communicate with their favorite personalities or celebrities.

By using a hashtag, the large community can share their ideas or support another community. It has played a significant role in 2016 during U.S. presidential election.

Their data security system is safer than other platforms. Twitter authority is very responsive to offensive posts, which may hurt other communities. It takes action faster than other platforms. They keep the right balance in tweets and retweets.

As the number of uses in social media is increasing so data, overflow problem is raising. It lowers the standard. Twitter’s feature can handle it better than other platforms.

Rise of Social Media

In the US In 2005, only 5% of adults used to use social media but now 72% of adults use at least one social media platform in 2021. Every new version of these platforms is introducing many new features, which is easily attracting people. If you compare Facebook in 2006 and Facebook in 2020, you will find a huge revolution.

Social Media during Covid 19

During COVID 19 pandemic, when almost every sector in the world has faced an economic crisis, these internet-based organizations have made more revenue than ever before. In the lockdown, it has played the role of major entertainers.

Telecommunication companies are also gaining huge revenue through social media by providing internet services.

Popular Activities in Social Media

Photo sharing, blogging, video sharing, business work, gaming are some of the most popular activities on social media sites. Now for many political purposes, politicians are using those platforms to send their message to the citizens.

People are sharing their daily life activities every second on different social media. Many people have learned many new ideas and techniques. We are getting information from around the world about how people are living in different geographical locations in the world. The social media platform has changed the business pattern.

Many larger organizations are using these platforms for customer demand analysis. Researchers are taking data from social media.

Television and radio are now disruptive technologies. People prefer more online newspapers and magazines than traditional ones.

Negative Sides

Social media has connected the world in the same place. But misuse of these media has created many negative effects. Now more than the positive side you will be able to find out the harmful sides.

We all should be careful while using social media platforms because one single mistake can harm a big community. Sometimes false news develops a bad image for some people which can harm them mentally.

With the development of technologies, another issue has been raised called data security. Sometimes hackers are robbing money with hacking. Many large companies are using the information of social media users to analyze customer demand without taking permission from them.

People are losing the most important resource of human life “time” and most people do not care about it. Bullying and cyber-crimes are rising rapidly.

Social media are connecting people all around the world but unfortunately, it’s playing a negative role to connect with our family members. People are forgetting real life and believing in an imaginary life.

The competition of being famous on social media has changed people’s life. This fame is only for short time. The unreal world getting more attention than real life. By following many celebrities or trends, people are breaking social norms and beliefs.

Tiktok is another video-sharing app, which is getting popularity rapidly. But unfortunately, many countries have banned it because of anti-social activities. The young people are getting the wrong direction and believing the trend more the real life.

Final Thoughts

Conclusion paragraph: When it comes to social media, you need to decide which platform is best for your company. Many platforms can be used in different ways and leverage the power of each network’s features depending on what type of content or message you’re trying to communicate with your customers.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding where to post most often –

How much time do I want to dedicate? 

Is my audience mainly active on one particular site?

What types of posts would work well there?

Would a video or an image provide better results than text alone?

With so many options available, consider how these popular activities affect social networks during Covid 19. Based on the answer to these questions, you should decide on which social media platform to use the most.

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