Depending on the need of the website owner, one may need a conversion focused website or a standard website. Do you generate leads via newsletters, free resources, and catchy landing pages on your websites? Or do you maintain a website to inform your readers about the developments within your business?

If the above question suits your boat, then you are on the path of building a conversion focused website. Whereas, if the latter question seems to fit your case, then your business requires a standard website.

Standard website

A standard website is generally used by business owners who gather leads through alternative streams, excluding the website itself. They provide information on their services, business activities, collaborations, etc. None of this content is created with an intent to convince a user to become a client. It may focus on providing value to the reader, but there is no pipeline as such to generate leads.

Conversion focused website

Conversion focused websites are created after audience and competitor research, strategizing techniques to convert readers into clients, curating lists of products on sale, etc. These websites are built from scratch with a prime focus on driving sales, increasing revenue through the website, and acquiring a broader clientele.

Above all, conversion focused websites are an integral aspect of digital marketing strategies. Content is created with an intention to convince a reader to sign up for weekly/monthly newsletters, subscribe to a service, make a purchase, or even help the business achieve its goals in any way possible.

Advantages of Conversion focused Websites over Standard Websites

In case you are investing in website development to achieve your company’s or individual digital marketing goals, then being aware of the perks of a conversion focused website will definitely bring you value for your investment:

·         CTA’s – Call To Action is a feature that is implemented in conversion focused websites. Standard websites do not need clients to perform a specific action on the website. Thus, the need for CTA does not arise. On the other hand, CTAs that are on-point, catchy, and effective, is a great mode to boost website conversion rates.

Strategic placement of CTAs is another subject that requires ample of trial and error to test the efficacy of the applied strategy. Standard websites need no such extra work and prove good-enough for people who are not in the website game for sales.

·         Mobile friendly conversion focused websites have a greater impact on enhanced user experience, whereas standard websites do not generally need such traits. Mobile-friendly websites are a vital factor for websites that focus on higher conversions. Think about it. In this generation, a significant number of internet users are surfing the world wide web through their smartphones. If your website is not mobile-friendly, the number of potential customers you are losing can prove to be heavy in the long run.

Standard websites do not need greater customizations for buttons, sidebars, widgets, etc. Thus they can afford to let go of mobile-friendliness, to an extent.

·         Value driven Content – Unlike standard websites that prioritize showcasing their content, conversion-focused websites can’t afford to do the same. In fact, they have to consistently create value-driven content that ensures users remain on their webpage and come back for more. Besides, how can one expect a prospect to convert without any incentive? The more attractive, engaging, and interactive content displayed on a website, the more users will use CTAs and explore the website.

On the other hand, standard websites make content that they desire to put out in the real world. They do not want subscribers, sales, social media shares, etc. All they want is for people to understand and relate to them. Once again, the best way to divert maximum clients your way is by giving them something that they need.

For example – If you run a sports equipment website and tell a reader about the Top 10 Soccer Shin Guards in the market, the odds are he/she will click on it and make a purchase. Obviously, provided he/she is a soccer fan.

·         Landing pages and Web pages conversion focused websites thrive on beautifully and intelligently created landing pages. If the landing page is unique and intrigues the reader, then the probability of conversion is high. Generally, landing pages are built with unique and valuable information (in less load) for the user, along with a CTA button placed near this content.

If you hit the right chord for both these elements, congratulations, you are one step closer to a new client.

Speaking about standard websites, they focus more on web pages. Not that conversion focused websites don’t. Even they do. But it is 2nd or 3rd priority. Web pages are moreover perfect for standard websites as they can pass on basic information via different pages such as – About, Business information, Services, Blogs, Updates, etc.

Some Major Difference between Standard & Conversion Focus Sites

There are dozens of differentiating points between a conversion focused and standard website. Here are a few bulletin points to give you a better idea.

–          Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to drive greater traffic

–          Images are added with smart “alt tabs” for increasing relevance to Google’s search engines

–          Testimonials are placed strategically to convince a user of the quality of services.

–          Segmentation of users can make a world of difference for conversion focused websites.

–          Product catalogs, discounts, offers, etc. are used for higher conversions.

–          Free resources provided will want users to come back. Thus an increase in the probability of a successfully converted lead.

–          Immense focus is laid on headlines and sub-headings for users and search enginesIn this fast-paced digital world, businesses thrive on websites to pump in a significant amount of their overall revenue. For instance, look at Amazon, their entire business model is built around the theme of a conversion focused website. They are a perfect example of the wonders that such websites can do. Also, look at the NBA’s website. They solely function for providing information to users and keeping them up-to-date with happenings in the sport of basketball.

I think you are now aware of which type of website you need. Contact us today if you would like to build a new website or want to re-design your existing website.

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